Welcome to our EPIC (Emergency Preparedness and Infection Control) Website

Welcome to our EPIC ( Emergency Preparedness and Infection Control) website, a key part of the  Disaster Ready program with a focus on infection control and prevention. This program broadens our reach in emergency preparedness at a time when mitigating infections is a top priority for us all. The program grant is funded by HPP monies provided through the Arizona Department of Health Services. All Skilled Nursing Centers (SNFs) state-wide are our target population to serve.

The EPIC program consists of three major components: 1)  an analysis of infection control trends identified in DHS surveys and how they reflect infection control practices; 2) a targeted evaluation of the value of the Nursing Home Incident Command System (NHICS) and other tools as implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic; and 3) education and technical assistance in industrial hygiene and facility sanitation.

Please use the resources available on this website to strengthen your facility infection control practices and contact us with any related questions or concerns at EPIC@azhca.org or through the link below.